Senin, 22 Maret 2010

Cara Mempartisi Harddisk

now i am explaining to begin from divide harddisk:

1. flame computer and setting firstboot at bios so that firstboot direct detect cd room, manner setting it
first time direct flame computer presses del, f2, ataw f8 depending from kind motherboard. ntar there
choice boot priority, live to choose aja first boot cd room. press f10 yes. . restart.
2. masukin cd starup to cdroom, choose boot with cd room.
3. after enter small box appears a: / then type fdisk, press y, after appear 4 choices presses number 1, wait and magnitude contents paritisi appropriate hardisk and your willing, the good make 2 partisi c: to system and d: for data.
4. after make partisi hardisk, restart beforehand
5. then format drive c: name affection system. . and drive d: data, but up to seeh want at what also name affection
6. input cd win 98, setup, , enter and enter lagi…exit continue.
7. select merectory, choose c: windows, next.
8. starup options, choose typical, next.
9. windows component choose to install the most computer, next.
10. identification:
company name: . (computer name)
work group: . (group computer)
description: . (client no computer. . , next.
11. extabilishing: indonesia, next.
12. starcopyng file, next, loading wait.
13. user information:
name: name [affection appropriate your taste]
company: [ name appropriate your willing is ], next.
14. lisence, o i am accept, next.
15. fill in no product key ex: hq6k2-qpc42-3hwpm-bf4kj-w4xwj, next.
16. finish, loading.
17. setting date time: time zone gmt + 07.0018. after finished install, obligatory computer at shutdown formerly.
for installation stage win 98 i am taste enough, furthermore may be live install program/ sofware lai
as according to need and your taste. good this article can useful.

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